Bornova Türkan Özilhan State Hospital break through digital barriers to reach HIMSS Analytics Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM) Stage 6 status.

Bornova Türkan Özilhan State Hospital, which was transformed into a digital hospital in order to ensure the most appropriate use of information technologies in the provision and development of health care services and to increase the quality of services, received the title of digital hospital as a result of the investigation conducted by HIMSS officials in order to evaluate the digital processes of the hospital and determine the level reached.


Bornova Türkan Özilhan State Hospital Chief Assoc. Dr. A. Hamdi Inan; effective use of information management systems on the way to becoming a hospital providing health service providers to the right patient, the right time to apply the right treatment to save time with the use of the existing electronic system will increase the quality of service, thanks to the efforts taken on behalf of the hospital thanked all health professionals who contributed.

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