When approaching Alaçatı, the first eye-catcher for the visitors is the windmills that
embrace the sky with their white sails. The windmills some of which have been here
for more than a hundred years point out the good relation between Alaçatı and the wind.
When sea view is available, many colourful windsurf boards dancing on the water
welcome you. If your visit comes across with the Kite Festival, you can witness to a
visual feast of the kites dominating the sky

Centre of the Windsurf

Alaçatı and the wind have always been together throughout history.This is Alaçatı’s
distinctive feature from the other coves in the Aegean Coast. And this is why windmills
decorated its hills. Today, the never-ending wind makes Alaçatı a windsurfing heaven.
For windsurfing fans, one other charming fact is that the sea never gets wavy. As the
well-known Turkish captain and navigator Piri Reis has told, the sea in Alaçatı is like a
dough sheet. What is more is that the sea depth is not more than one and a half meter
even far from the coast. All these reasons make Alaçatı one of the most popular seven
windsurfing centres in the world.

Located in the south of Çeşme Peninsula, Alaçatı has become one of Turkey’s most
popular tourist destinations with its historical stone houses, windmills, calm sea and
windy air perfect for windsurfing. Thanks to the windy air it is also possible to enjoy
sunbathing all day long. The best place for swimming is Çark Beach which has a
tropical look.

How to Go?

Alaçatı is about a 90 kilometres drive to İzmir Airport which offers direct and
connecting flights to all over the world.