Seferihisar (Cittaslow)
24 Aralık 2019


The oldest settlement in Seferihisar district is Teos, the city of Carians, and known to be founded in 2000 BC by the Cretans, who were fleeing from the Achaeans.

Its famous mandarin, large resources of solar, geothermal and wind power, and historical treasures are among the strong sides of the slow city Seferihisar. Olives, grapes and citruses are grown in the district. It is also surrounded by the archaeological sites and natural beauties for visitors.

Seferihisar is located to the south of Izmir and is a place where nature, history and sea come together to promise peace to its visitors all year long. Seferihisar is the first "Slow City" (Cittaslow) of Turkey, and the 121st in the world. The street lamps are solar powered, local seeds are grown and nets are used instead of nylon bags in its market where local goods are sold. The restaurants of the district that offers very clean coasts offer the local delicacies unique to Seferihisar, and you can find home made fresh and natural products in the market that is set up inside the Sığacık Castle every sunday.


The town is surrounded by the historical treasures and green nature.

Active Holiday: Seferihisar offers many routes for visitors to go to interesting places on a bicycle. You can find also many diving spots to jump into deep water.

Teos Antique Site: There are Hellenistic and Roman period monuments in the ancient city of Teos that was one of the 12 Ionian settlements in Archaic Age and that had colonies like the other Ionian settlements. The most essential monuments  are Dionysus Altar, agora, theatre, odeon, city walls and harbour ruins. 

Teos antique site City which is located 5 kilometers to Seferihisar is one of the oldest and most important historical remains in the district. Teos was one of the 12 Ionian cities and was established by the Achaean General Athamas around 1080 B.C. The first structure upon reaching Teos which is between the ports to its north and south is the Dionysos Temple built by the famous architect of the Hellenistic era, Hermogenes, which is the largest temple of Dionysos (the protector god of Teos) in Anatolia. There is a mostly intact water cistern to the south of the Temple.

Apart from these the Antique Port, Archaic Temple (Hecatompedon), Archaic Acropolis with the Antique Theatre, and the Agora, Agora Temple, Bouleuterion, Cistern and Antique roads to the southeast of the theatre are some of the important public structures.

Lebedos: The other ancient city found within the town, Lebedos, is located further south. In 1522, Ottomans built a castle to be used as naval facility in a small fishing village of Sigacik. It is possible to see the ruins of the castle today.