Child Surgery Unit



Polyclinic health services provided in the pediatric surgery branch of our hospital; Started on April 10, 2017 and serves with a physician in our headquarters.

· The pediatric surgery outpatient clinic of our hospital is located on the third floor of the outpatient clinic (F block).


· The pediatric surgery clinic was opened on March 30, 2018.

· The pediatric surgery service serves the patients with 11 nurses and three assistant staff.

· In the hospital where the physical facilities are made high quality and comfortable for both patient and companion services, the services consist of single and double rooms.

· Pediatric surgery service is located on the second floor of E block.

· Patients and their relatives who are admitted to the service are informed about the hospital rules by the service nurse.

Operating Room:
In our hospital, where surgery was started on April 2, 2018, surgery service is provided in pediatric surgery branch on all working days of the week. Frequent operations include;

ü Pediatric urology

ü Inguinal canal surgery (congenital hydrocele, inguinal hernias, undescended testes).