Emergency Unit


       · Emergency Service has a capacity of 75 stretchers, 30 stretchers / monitors and 45 stretchers, and was put into service on May 7, 2018

· The emergency department of our hospital provides services with 18 doctors, 40 nurses and 27 assistant health personnel including 5 emergency medicine specialists and 13 general practitioners.

· Emergency department has Triage, Yellow Field, Green Field, Red Field, Injection Room, Resuscitation Room, Forensic Response Room, Isolation Room, Emergency Laboratory, Emergency X-ray, Emergency Tomography and CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radioactive and Nuclear) Unit.

· Green area; It is an emergency department where non-emergency stable patients are admitted. The priority of the intervention in these patients comes after the patients in the yellow and red areas.

· Yellow Field; It is an emergency department where stable but urgent patients are accepted.

· Red Area; It is the department where the most urgent, critical and life-threatening patients are treated first.

· Our emergency department provides 24-hour uninterrupted health service to adult and pediatric patients.

· Patients coming from the patient entrance door of the emergency department are welcomed by the patient reception staff. Triaja is directed. The vital signs are taken by the triage officer and directed to the color-coded area. The exception to this is the group of patients brought in by 112 emergency ambulances. If the patient is brought to the 112 ambulance service, he/she is taken to the relevant area without triage application.

· Visitors to the emergency department are not accepted. In cases where the emergency department physician deems necessary, a patient's relative is accepted next to the patient.

· Since our hospital does not have an angio unit, patients diagnosed with acute heart attacks are referred to the 112 emergency ambulance service.