Ear Nose and Throat Unit Unit

Ear nose and throat
The Otorhinolaryngology Unit serves for the treatment of ear, nose, pharynx and throat disorders.

In addition to these areas, aesthetic surgeries of the nose and ear ( rhinoplasty, correction of prominent ears) are also within the scope of this unit.


Some of the main areas are;

-Non surgical ultrasonic nose aesthetics

-Adenoid and Tonsillitis surgeries with thermal welding

-Minimising the concha with radio frequency plasma methodology

-Ear Disorders such as, External, Internal and medial Ear Diseases

-Nasal Disorders of Pediatric age

-Ear Nose and Throat disorders

-Vocal disorders

-Vertigo, Snoring and sleep disorders

-Tumors of the neck

-Removal of moles from the face

-Diagnosis and treatment of reflux

-Respiratory allergies

-Sinus diseases

-Respiratory infections