Neurology Unit


Neurology Unit
; examines the cerebrospinal and nervous system and muscle diseases. It deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases involving the brain and nervous system.

Diseases of interest in the unit of neurology

v  Headaches (migraine, tension type, ongoing headaches, etc.)

v Dizziness

v Cerebral vascular diseases (cerebrovascular diseases)

vDementia (forgetfulness and dementia)

v Movement disorders (Parkinson's disease, tremor, etc.)


v Polynoröpatia diseases (numbness in the hands and feet, burning, pain complaints)

v Sleep disorders

v Multiple sclerosis (MS)

vMuscular diseases

vConfusional conditions (delirium, encephalitis)

Be sure to consult your physician if you have symptoms below!

v  Headache


v Double vision

v Loss of consciousness (fainting)

v Balance disorders

v Memory disorders or forgetfulness

v Loss of feeling and power

v Tremor


· Outpatient services provided in the neurology branch of our hospital; It started on April 10, 2017 and is located in three outpatient rooms, one district outpatient clinic in two central buildings.

· Our hospital is located on the ground floor in the neurology outpatient clinic, hospital outpatient clinics department (F block).

· A total of four physicians; it serves in the central building outpatient clinic, district outpatient clinic, inpatient services, delegation and commissioned units.

I have complaints about the neurology department, what should I do?

You can contact us by phone numbers in the communication section of our hospital website or send us a message. In the neurology department of our hospital, a normal patient outpatient clinic is performed every day during working hours and incoming patients can be examined with appointment and without an appointment. (In our hospital, patient sourcing is made primarily by central appointment system, physicians can accept patients without appointment according to the current examination conditions) Please remember to bring your old examinations (film, blood tests, etc.) and any medications you use when coming to the outpatient clinic. If you arrive on an empty stomach in the morning (after 12:00 a.m., did not have breakfast in the hungry morning), the necessary examinations can be done that day. However, since the blood collection and results procedures in hospital laboratories will not be on the same day, bringing to your physician all the medical tests that your family physician has asked you for in the near future and the result of it, waiting for the results and finalizing the examination. you minimize the duration of the project.

In accordance with medical ethics rules, hospital employees and other medical personnel are served indiscriminately.


· The neurology service was opened on March 30, 2018.

· The neurology service serves patients with four physicians, seven nurses and one auxiliary staff.

· In our hospital, where physical conditions are made of high quality and comfortable for both the patient and the companion, the services consist of single and double rooms.

· The neurology service is located on the third floor.

· Patients who are admitted for medical treatment are provided for diagnosis and treatment.

· Patients and their relatives who are admitted to the service are informed about the hospital rules by the responsible service nurse.